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Pemberton Root veggies suited for winter storage

Variety is one of the most important factors. Specially for carrots & beets, look for varieties suited for winter storage in order to enjoy fresh veggies all winter long (a great example is our sweet nantes- bolero carrots!). 

Want to learn the methods we use? Scroll down and download the PDF we have created just for you on the best ways to store veggies throughout the winter!


Learn the best way to store veggies with us!

Cool, dark & above freezing is the rule! Also, weather the veggie is from your garden or you bought it from your local farmer, sort through your root veggies & choose LARGEST (the center will not dry out as fast & it will therefore stay fresh for longer and will be BEST for winter keeping).

There are many ways to store veggies, different methods and different scenarios (are you looking to store in your garage, cellar, basement, etc).

Download the PDF we have created with tips & information on how to store potatoes, carrots & beets throughout the winter! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to send us a message.

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