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Goat Mountain Produce

Your favourite Stand at the start of the Hurley Road!

During a Family Trip to Australia, the Van Loon Family saw a Produce Stand on the side of road. Next summer 2006, Matthew & Trevor decided to open Goat Mountain Produce to the public! At the age of 13 & 14 they started growing lots of veggies including carrots, beets & potatoes but also corn, zucchini & kale- just to name a few- with the help of their Mom & Dad. The goal of the stand was to save up money over the years to pay for university.

Eventually, Matthew left for the Yukon and Trevor went to Oxford, leaving the stand in Erica’s hands. Erica continued to run the stand for a number of years but due to ongoing theft the stand was eventually closed down. 

We plan to RE-open the stand for summer 2023 after thinking it over! We appreciate all of the support and ask travelers for respect, honesty and kindness.

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